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See this 5 tips before you decide to buy a handbag.

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Buying a handbag is one of the exciting and relief feeling for most woman and base on the survey of 2000 women there are many reason to buy handbags but one thing in common that buying a handbag is always give a boost to the style and the fashion they are. Handbag is also help to carry all her essentials stuff during the day.

What are the concerns every woman have every time she decides to buy a new handbag?
There are many reasons need to consider before buying a handbag. Let have a look on our 5 TIPS before buying a handbag.

1. Handbag Material

When you decide to buy a new bag one of the first thing to consider is what type of material or fabric you’d like it to be made out of. The material of the bag will determine the shape of the bag and how practical the bag is. Cowhide leather bag is one of the best material when comes to woman handbag.

Perry design leather bag
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2.Size Matters

Do handbag size matters to you? Yes, in my opinion woman bag with small, medium, or even the large size play a lot in addresses the personality of the woman. If you want to make yourself look smaller, carry a larger handbag, if you want to make yourself look larger, carry a smaller scale handbag, otherwise go with whatever is the scale handbag that suits your body scale. The most important thing to remember about handbag, no matter what size, is to choose one that expresses your personality and is a great piece.  You wear/carry it every day, so make sure it’s good quality and adds to your overall look.

specialgiftnet bag sizes
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3. Versatile Color

Black color is always be, well to match with every outfit. You can never go wrong when purchasing a black handbag. But did you know that other colors can also be match with your everyday outfit without going out of style? 


Just like black, you can't go wrong with a brown bag. Simply go through the fashion archives and you'll see more than a handful of brown bags you'd still wear today.

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Woven Pillow Design
kloe design


Want to go for outstanding outfit? Wear red color bag, it will help you to pop-up your outfit.

Square bag v2 design
Box design


Green will never go out of style. There's something about this hue that makes any bag look impeccably chic. 

Dezy Design
Wendi Design


If you already have your neutral bag collection set and want to expand to colors, we highly suggest going for a Yellow bag. 

Woman’s Genuine Cowhide Leather Square Bag Design with Lizard Patterns
Sherry Design Woman’s Genuine Cowhide Leather Handbag

4. Practical Bag

When it comes to choosing the perfect work bag, it can be a lot more difficult than you may think. The best bag needs to be chic but practical at the same time, something that will cause your friends serious handbag envy while being big enough to fit in everything you need for a day at the office.

Crocy Design

5. Easy to maintain and taking care of

When it comes to taking care of your leather bag, purses usually fall under the radar. Purses are so unassumingly durable that it’s hard to imagine it could need any sort of care-taking. But in the long run, the wear and tear will start showing in your purse if you don’t take care of it! So to maintain your beautiful leather bags. What you need to do are:
*Use a product to wipe your leather bag to maintain the color.

*Put some stuff inside the bag to maintain the shape of your bag.

*When you don’t use the bag, keep it inside the dust bag to protect it from dust or liquid that might drop on in.

*Place your leather bag on the shelf instead of hanging it inside your closet. Hang your bag while all your stuff still inside the bag will causing  wear and tear on the handles from the weight.